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Belmar, NJ

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We Sail Everyday 7:30am to 3:30pm


Fishing Season:

Sea Bass begins October 8th

Blackfish begins November 16th


All Day Fishing - $75 Adults, $70 Seniors $40 Kids


Please do not get on the boat before our crew members arrive !!!


Saturday, November 9th

This morning it was nice to see some of the guys from Thursday's trip because today it was simply calm.  The morning bite with the Sea Bass was very successful with keepers coming over the rail and the sprinkling of Porgies.  There was some activity from the Doggies were we saw a Doggie and keeper Sea Bass being reeled up at the same time.  Some of our customers did extremely well, while other had only a few, but there were bites all day long and kept everybody busy.  See you in the morning, Captain Ron

Thursday, November 7th

Our first drop on the wreck in the morning, we picked at Sea Bass and some Porgies but the problem was the wind kept on increasing throughout the morning.  Went to another stop, very active with the doggies and some Sea Bass and the wind continued to blow.  We decided to leave a little early and call it a day!!  See you in the morning

Wednesday, November 6th

It was nice to have a break in the weather and it was even better we had all our great regulars on the boat.  The Begalles were overwhelming today!!!  We did have a lot of Sea Bass that were in the 12.5 range.  We did manage to scrape up a few keepers here and there and only a few Porgies.  We can't forget the Doggies, our true friends LOL. See you in the morning!  Captain Ron

Monday, November 4th

It was a nice day on the water with a light breeze.  Our first stop saw action with a combination of Sea Bass and Porgies.  That seems to be the pattern throughout most of the day with some of our guys doing very well and some others getting a few.  The next 2 days looks like decent weather with a light breeze.  See you in the morning!  Captain Ron

Sunday, November 3rd

Today we had a stiff breeze out of the NW at 25mph and on top of that we had a SE current into the wind.  People had to stay at the rails to put a catch together.  Some people had difficulty making the adjustment for the strong current, but once they dialed in they started to pick away at the Sea Bass.  We picked and plucked all day and we ended up ok.  Tomorrow's weather looks nice, see you in the morning.  Captain Ron

Saturday, November 2nd

It was nice to see all our regulars today on this beautiful Fall weather day.  We even had a boy scout group from North Jersey - great group of kids.  Some spots in the morning was drop and reel with Sea Bass coming over the rails.  We were lucky enough to catch some keepers right from our first stop.  Along with our keepers of course, were loads Begall bites.  We did manage to catch a shot of Porgies as well.  We did bounce around throughout the day to find the same  In the middle of the day we made a move to change things up and the anchor lines got tight we had a shot of Jumbo Porgies and then the Doggies took over.  Then we tried shallow water wrecks and we were back into the Sea Bass throughout the day.  A sprinkle of keepers and loads and loads of short Sea Bass.  Tomorrow looks good, see you in the morning!  Captain Ron


Wednesday, October 30th

Today we had a great group of regulars.  We headed out to the east, the first stop of the day we saw life where we had some nice keepers coming over the rails and then the Begalles took over.  We bounced around throughout the day, some of the spots had very little life, some spots had just a few.  Today i fished all day and i ended up with 9 Keeper Sea Bass and around 35 throwbacks, some guys had less.  It was nice to see everyone, see you in the morning!  Captain Ron


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Welcome aboard the 75' Captain Cal II

The Captain Cal II sails out of the Belmar Marina on Route 35 in Belmar, NJ. We are a family owned and operated 75’ party boat that is US Coast Guard inspected & certified for safety. Fully equipped with the latest safety, navigational and electronic fish finding equipment. Clean and separate men and women restroom facilities are just some of the featured comforts found aboard.

We fish for fluke, sea bass, blackfish, bluefish, porgies, ling and other fish in season. Captain Ron has over thirty years of boating and fishing experience. He is familiar with all of the areas' fishing spots & grounds to bring home that trophy fish, and to bring you the best deep sea fishing experience!

You can drive right up to the back of the boat to unload your gear, and we will be glad to assist you! No reservations required on the Captain Call II.

Our courteous, experienced, and helpful crew is present to make your trip fun and memorable. Everyone from beginners to seasoned anglers will find a welcomed spot at the rail to enjoy their time fishing on the Captain Cal II. There is plenty of free parking on premises.


Afternoon/evening charters available. Click here to learn more. 

Sailing Daily | Open Boat
No Reservations Required