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Hey guys. It's jumbo Fluke time! Frank Geraci landed a pair of Fluke today hitting the scale at 7lbs. 7ozs. and 7lbs. 10 Ozs. Way to go Frank! We caught a few more big boys and a bunch of shorts to make for an action filled day. Tomorrow is going to be a wash. NO SAIL! Will be back at it on Wednesday. We sail everyday from 7 30 AM to 2 30 PM. See you all on Wednesday morning! Come get some it's almost over.


Hey guys, another beautiful day on the water. Fishing wasn't quite what we like it to be, but tomorrows weather looks good we're going to pick a different direction so come down and give it a shot


Well it was nice to get back to fishing after a LONG week of crappy weather. There was still a little bit of a ground swell out there but it wasn't too bad. We managed to catch some nice keeper Fluke, a bunch of Sea Bass( that we can't keep), some blues and Bonita. Lots of action all day long, beautiful weather and great people. Jim took the pool today with a nice 5.9lb. Fluke. Great job Jim. Sonny needs to get his priorities straight. LOL. We sail everyday from 7 30 AM to 2 30 PM. The guys always have the boat lit up and ready to board by 5-515AM. Hope to see you in the morning! The weather looks great!


The morning was a little windy, but not too bad.  Our drift was about .9 kts.  We did manage from morning up to the afternoon to pick and pluck at some nice keepers.  In the mix with the keepers were various shorts.  One guy did manage to get his limit by noon others had 1 and 2 nice keepers and some had only throwbacks.  As the day progressed, the NE wind increased which increased our drift.  It was harder to feel the bites, therefore making it tough to catch fluke the rest of the day.  Due to the NE wind that will be increasing, we are cancelling, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  Watch the website under Important Updates as well will monitor and report.  Hopefully the NE wind will diminish sooner.


The morning started just right, the fluke chewed right from the getko.  We had keepers coming over the rail on our first drift.  There were plenty of bites pretty well most of the day where the fluke cooperated biting both bait and buctails.  We had guys on the boat with their limits by 9AM.  The pool winner was Tom with a 7.5 lb.  Everyone caught fish and everyone went home with keepers.  Was a very good day overall.  See you in the morning.


Big improvement in the fishing in the morning.  Today we were lucky to have a drift about .5 knots most of the day.  Some of our fisherman were lucky to get their limit at the end of the day.  Some had to work extra hard to get a few keepers.  We did have plenty of bites throughout the day and just missing some keepers by a few tenths of an inch.  Lucky enough people dragging baits were lucky to catch a few too.  The pool fish was in the 6lb range.  See you in the morning.


What a gorgeous morning it is!!!  As we approached our first stop and we set up for a drift we found out that there was no movement at all.  We hardly moved 40 feet in 15 minutes.  We decided to take a little bit of a boat ride and go wreck hopping.  Around the wrecks there was life and we managed to get a few keepers on every wreck with shorts in the mix.  Charlie was our pool winner with a 5lb fluke and 11 shorts that were close to being keepers.  Today the buctailers did the best, but people using bait had a tough day.  See you in the morning.


Sept 3rd

Hey everyone, just wanted to checkin and give you a fishing report for the last 2 days.  We had some decent fishing with some limits around the boat.  In the mix we have been having lots of fluke that are shy of keepers.  The weather has been nice so come down and get some.  The pool fish today was around the 6.5 range.  We had a pool fish yesterday of 7.9.  Some of the keepers are being caught on bait, but it seems people buctailing are getting their limits.  See you in the morning.



August 30th

Hey guys, sorry for the late post, but we had a great day out on the water. We had guys with limits by 9:30 am! Ian was our pool winner today with a quality fluke. As usual, great times with great people and great music. Boat is always lit up by 5-5:15am! Come get some






Hey guys! Beautiful weather, great people, good music and tough fishing. That was our day. We caught some nice fish including Paul's pool fish weighing in at 7lbs. 9ozs.. We just didn't catch enough for our liking. Not from a lack of effort. It just wasn't our day. We'll get em tomorrow. The Capt Cal sails everyday from 7 30 AM to 2 30 PM. The guys always have the boat lit up and ready to board by 5-515AM ! See you in the morning. Looks like a winner of a day


Hey guys! Good fishing, great people and beautiful weather again today on the Captain Cal. I won't lie to you and say there were lots of limits. That's NOT happening. My man Oliver was our pool winner today with a beautiful fluke. Congratulations! We did catch a bunch of Fluke and some nice jumbo Sea Bass. Lots of limits? No! We would like to have you on board for an enjoyable day fishing with us. We sail everyday from 7 30 AM to 2 30 PM. The guys have the boat lit up and ready board by 5 -5 15AM everyday! Hope to see you in the morning for a great day with great people!


Another beautiful day on the water today. Good music, great people and decent fishing. It was still a little cranky on the ocean this morning but it settled down as the day went on. Vince Geraci( ha I got it that time) was our pool winner today with a nice 4lb. 9oz. Fluke. Milly, Katie, and Zach had a bunch of Sea Bass too. Tomorrow is looking like a winner so get down here! We sail everyday from 7 30 AM to 2 30 PM. The guys have the boat lit up and ready to board by 5-5 30AM everyday! See you in the morning!


Hey guys. We had a pretty good day today. Lots of nice keeper size Fluke and Sea Bass today. Rich took the pool with a 5lb. 8oz. Fluke. We sail everyday from 7 30 AM to 2 30 PM. The boat is always lit up and ready to board by 5 - 5:15AM everyday! See you in the morning!


Hey guys! Fluke fishing has been on fire the last couple days! Come down south and get some of this. Yesterday 90 year old Cameron Bruno showed the youngsters how it's done with a 6lb. 9oz. Fluke to take the pool from Billy who had a 6lb. 4oz. Fluke. Lots of limits and some Sea Bass also. Today Max took home the pool with a 5lb. 6oz. Fluke. As always.. good music, beautiful weather, and great people to make for a wonderful day on the water. We sail everyday from 7 30 AM to 2 30 PM and the guys always have the boat lit up,tied back,and ready to board by 5 - 5:15 AM. See you in the morning


August 15th

We had a beautiful NW wind this morning with perfect drifting conditions.  There was lots of life on the beach in the shallow to find a few keeps amongst lots of shorts.  Once the NW wind diminished slightly we headed for deeper water finding keepers on mostly every stop today.  In the mix we had a couple of nice shots of keeper seabass.  It was nice to see guys with limits, some with 2 nice keepers and loads of throwbacks.  It was a very nice day overall, see you in the morning!!!


June 27th

As we headed out the inlet this morning, we noticed that we had a stiff breeze from the South.  The good news was we noticed a North current coming down the beach.  Even though we had a South wind, the water temperature seemed warm.  On the boat today we had a combination of Bait Draggers and Buctailers.  It seemed that the first few fish we did get were both caught on bait and buctails.  We did have a little bit of a lull in the afternoon as we were moving around, and inspite of having a fast drift we did manage to catch keepers with a fair amount of shorts.  Vincent G. took the pool with 2 Keepers and over 30 throwbacks.  Frank G. had his limit with numerous throwbacks.  Some of the other patrons managed to get 1 or 2 keepers a piece and some had none, but they all managed to get their share of throwbacks.  We will not be sailing Thursday, June 28th due to the weather conditions.  See you on Friday!!!


Come and get em! We caught some nice quality keeper Fluke today while enjoying a flat out beautiful day on the ocean. Joe Z was our pool winner today with a nice fat flattie! We sail everyday from 7 30 AM to 2 30 PM. The boat is lit up and ready to board by 5 30 AM. See you in the morning!






What a beautiful day on the water today with great people. Fishing was better than yesterday so we're heading in the right direction. We had a bunch of quality keeper size Fluke and some shorts and keeper Sea Bass also. Dale was our pool winner today with a beautiful Fluke to take home the big bucks. Thanks to everyone on board today for the good times. We had lots of laughs. The Captain Cal 2 will be sailing everyday from 7 30 AM to 2 30 PM for FLUKE. The boat is lit up and ready to board by 5 30AM EVERYDAY! Hope to see you soon. It's just getting better. Come get some!




June 8th

Another fine morning out on the ocean today.  The seas were calm and the winds were light.  Some of our first stops in the morning we read fish but there was no cooperation.  We managed to bounce around to find the same, where we did have a couple shots of fish at times but very few keepers.  Towards the middle of the day seemed to be best for us where we had life all around the boat with life.  We managed to get a fair amount of keepers through all the shorts.  Some guys managed to get 7 keepers and loads of throwbacks, some guys managed to get 5, some caught 1 and 2 keepers with throwbacks.  We also managed to catch some Ling in the mix.  See you in the morning!


June 5th

The sun was shinning brigh,t the skies were clear, the ocean was calm and we had a light breeze, a beautiful morning it was!!!  Our first several stops in the morning we were able to drift at .3kts which was perfect.  The fist bit right from square one.  As the wind picked up lightly we decided to anchor on our readings and made it very successful.  Guys with limits, loads of throwbacks, great day was had by all!!!  Weather looks good for the rest of the week so come on down and get in on some of this action.  See you in the morning.


May 31st

​Hey guys just wanted you to know that we had a small crowd on the boat today and right from our first drop this morning the Seabass bit.  We bounced around a little, some spots were better than others.  At the end of the day we ended up having a good day fishing.  See you in the morning.