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Fishing Report


July 16th

Sorry we haven't updated our fishing reports in a couple of days, it has been a very busy weekend.  Fishing has been improving everyday and the water temperature is now 74.

Kick ass Fluke fishing today! Oh and plenty of Sea Bass. Joe took the pool today with a 9.12 lber. plus two more. Max was done all around (Fluke and Sea Bass limits by 1130). The Gerachi brothers put five together and Wild Bill and his grandson Jake put together a nice box full amongst many others! Come get some of this. It's on! We sail everyday from 7 30 AM to 2 30 PM. Boats always lit up by 5- 530AM at the latest. Hope to see you soon


Another Giant on the Cal today, caught by Ron Manzo a 9 pounder !!!


Well here's another Jumbo Fluke caught by Tom today to win the pool. Beautiful day on the ocean again. Good conditions, great weather, and lots of fun with great people.We had non stop action with the Fluke and Sea Bass all day today. Hope to see you on the boat soon. We sail everyday from 7 30 AM to 2 30 PM


July 11th

Congratulations to Vinny Aufiero from Midland Park, New Jersey and his 10lb 2oz FLUKE-A-SAURUS!!!  The day on the water was absolutely beautiful, we had a light breeze, a light current and no ground swell.  We picked and plucked pretty much all day long with JUMBO Seabass in the mix throughout the day.  We managed to pick at some nice Keepers, but our Grand Prize was the 10lb 2oz - Way To Go Vinny!!!  See you in the morning!


July 10th

Top ten day on the ocean today guys! What a beautiful day. We had good conditions for most of the day and put together a nice catch of Fluke and jumbo Sea Bass for everyone to enjoy. Ben took the pool today with a nice Fluke plus a limit. We sail everyday from 7 30 AM to 2 30 PM. The boats always lit up and ready to board by 5 30 AM. See you on the dock in the morning. Come get some!


July 9th

Hey guys, sorry for the delay on the fishing reports. As you can imagine it was a very hectic weekend. So here it is in a nutshell. Saturday was a crazy rough day on the ocean. Everyone hung on tight and we managed to catch a bunch of nice Sea Bass and some quality Fluke. Not a lot of Fluke but some. Ryan took the pool with a nice Fluke. Yesterday was a beauty of a day. Pretty much too nice out. We didn't have much of a drift most of the day but did put together a decent catch. Jimmy (The Watchman) took that pool. Today was yet another nice day on the water and we put together a good mixed bag of Fluke and Sea Bass. Wayne took today's pool. All in all a great weekend with great people. We appreciate your continued patronage. We sail everyday from 7 30 AM to 2 30 PM. The guys always have the boat lit up and ready to board by 5:30AM. Hope to see you soon.


July 2nd

Hey guys, well we're still battling the tough conditions. No wind, no tide, no drift. We are managing to pull some fish but not what we should be. All in all still having a great time on the water with great people. Al was our pool winner today and Roy took yesterday's. We sail everyday from 7 30 AM to 2 30 PM. See you soon


June 26

In the morning we had a little bit of a Northeast breeze with a Southeast current which did hamper some of the fishing in the AM hours.  The first few stops were mostly just shorts around 17inch class.  We did have to bounce around throughout the day only to find the same wherever we went.  There were numerous throwbacks and throwbacks on Seabass.  We had a great group of people from the Shark Angers Fishing Club from Bricktown joined us. We all had a great day together even though we had a slow day with Keepers.  See you in the morning.


June 27th

As we headed out the inlet this morning, we noticed that we had a stiff breeze from the South.  The good news was we noticed a North current coming down the beach.  Even though we had a South wind, the water temperature seemed warm.  On the boat today we had a combination of Bait Draggers and Buctailers.  It seemed that the first few fish we did get were both caught on bait and buctails.  We did have a little bit of a lull in the afternoon as we were moving around, and inspite of having a fast drift we did manage to catch keepers with a fair amount of shorts.  Vincent G. took the pool with 2 Keepers and over 30 throwbacks.  Frank G. had his limit with numerous throwbacks.  Some of the other patrons managed to get 1 or 2 keepers a piece and some had none, but they all managed to get their share of throwbacks.  We will not be sailing Thursday, June 28th due to the weather conditions.  See you on Friday!!!


June 25th

We had a nice cool Northwest breeze this morning.  We had to try different areas in the AM hours to find some Fluke life.  Some of the areas were shorts that were on the chew and some areas were very finicky with the bite.  Tom from Cranford, NJ had 1 Keeper with over 20 throwbacks, Greg Borras ended up with 2 nice quality Keepers and numerous throwbacks.  Everyone caught fish, only some went home with Keepers.  See you in the morning.


June 24

Well we had a nice crowd today. Really good people as usual lots of fun. We caught a lot of Fluke today just not a lot of keepers. Dale Wilson from Hamilton, NJ took the money again today. Someone STOP him. Please! We sail everyday from 7 30 AM to 2 30 PM. Come enjoy the day with the crew on the Captain Cal 2. Boats lit up by 5 30 AM.


The Northeast wind kept us in today, but we are looking forward to going out tomorrow- weather looks good!!!  See you in the morning.


June 22

The morning started with a brisk East wind with a drift that was quite fast.  Our first 2 stops of the day were non-productive.  We took a little bit of a ride and on our 3rd drop we found an area of fish.  We picked and plucked at them.  We did manage to find life on the rest of our spots and averaging shorts and about a keeper a drift.  I believe that if our drift was a little slower it would have been a very successful day.  Some of the guys managed to get a keeper, but there were plenty of shorts and some were close on the measuring board.  See you in the morning!!!


June 21st

First Day of Summer!!!  We decided to take a little bit of a ride and fish some mussel beds along the beach where we found plenty of life, lots of bites, and they bit all around the boat.  There were some fish that we had to measure that were short, but only to get 1 or 2 Keepers on that drift.  We bounced around to some other spots, only to find the same.  We took a ride out to the east and we did manage to find a couple more keepers out in the deep.  Tom from Cranford, NJ was our pool winner with a nice flatie!!!  See you in the morning!


It's just getting better! Fishing is getting better everyday as the water warms up. Lots of action today and some nice keeper Fluke on the Cal today. Frank Gerachi was our pool winner today with a nice Fluke. Congratulations. We sail everyday from 7 30 AM to 2 30 PM. The boat is lit up by 5 30 AM. Come get some!


Come and get em! We caught some nice quality keeper Fluke today while enjoying a flat out beautiful day on the ocean. Joe Z was our pool winner today with a nice fat flattie! We sail everyday from 7 30 AM to 2 30 PM. The boat is lit up and ready to board by 5 30 AM. See you in the morning!






What a beautiful day on the water today with great people. Fishing was better than yesterday so we're heading in the right direction. We had a bunch of quality keeper size Fluke and some shorts and keeper Sea Bass also. Dale was our pool winner today with a beautiful Fluke to take home the big bucks. Thanks to everyone on board today for the good times. We had lots of laughs. The Captain Cal 2 will be sailing everyday from 7 30 AM to 2 30 PM for FLUKE. The boat is lit up and ready to board by 5 30AM EVERYDAY! Hope to see you soon. It's just getting better. Come get some!




June 16th

Our first Fluke trip of the season was OK! We had no drift making the ocean beautiful but not good fishin'conditions. We caught some nice keeper Fluke and a bunch of shorts. It should just keep getting better from here. Mike from Willmington DE was our pool winner today with a nice 4.5 lb. FLUKE. We sail everyday from 7 30 AM to 2 30PM. The crew is there by 5 30AM everyday. Come get some


June 15th

We had another beautiful day with great people. The fishin'was a little off for us today though. We did manage to catch some nice Sea Bass, ling, and flounder. We also had a really nice Fluke. Starting tomorrow we will be sailing everyday from 7 30 AM to 230PM for FLUKE. Hope to see you there


June 14th

Another banner day ! Beautiful weather, great peeps, and good fishin'! We had non stop action all day long with lots of Sea Bass,some ling, some flounder and we even caught a couple Fluke to round off the day.
Tomorrow we sail from 7 30 AM to 3 30 PM for SEA BASS. Starting Saturday June 16th we will sail everyday from 7 30 AM to 230PM for FLUKE/ SEA BASS. FLUKE being the primary target. Bring jigs and gulp! We will supply spearing and squid for FLUKE fishing. The boat is always lit up by 530AM. Hope to see you down at the dock soon. Remember.. don't read the report... Be the report!


June 12th

We had a light East wind with an East ground-swell.  We looked at some inshore spots from where we were previously fishing and decided to take a ride a little further to the Northeast.  Our first stop of the day we did have a lot of activity with Seabass bites, but only a few keepers in the mix.  It did seem as the next couple moves that it was par for the course.  The stops throughout the day did have plenty of life on them only to find loads of short and a handful of keepers on every spot.  Even the AVA-27 jigs only produced a few keepers.  Saturday we will be starting our 3/4 day Fluking trips, 7:30am to 2:30pm.  See you in the morning!


June 11th

We did have an East wind this morning, but the ocean wasn't too bad.  Our first few stops of the morning were very slow with just an occassional keeper here and there.  We did have lots of readings under the boat the whole time, but the fish did not want to cooperate.  We did try diamond jigs, and gulp and everything else but no luck.  We decided to take a little bit of a ride and later on in the afternoon the fish started to bite a little bit better.  Towards the end of the day the fish turned on.  Guys had thier limits, nice quality Seabass.  See you in the morning!!!


June 10th

Today we were out with a great group of people.  Fishing was cooperative with lots of bites and nice size keepers in the mix.  As a bonus we caught some decent size Line and good size Winter Flounder along with a short Cod.  The funny thing was it seemed clams did the trick today, however the jigs did manage to catch some, but the ration was better using the clams.  See you in the morning!


June 9th

What a gorgeous day it was today!!!  The first few stops we decided to do a couple of drifts only to find a bunch of shorts around the boat (oh boy what a difference a day makes)!  We decided to anchor up on a spot that we hadn't fished for a while and boy there they were !!!   We were on that spot for almost 4 hours.  Many people had their limits with nice knuckle head Seabass and we caught some JUMBO Flounder.  Great day to be had.  Everything seemed to work today both on jigs, clams and the 3" gulp, it didn't matter what color you had.  See you in the morning.


June 8th

Another fine morning out on the ocean today.  The seas were calm and the winds were light.  Some of our first stops in the morning we read fish but there was no cooperation.  We managed to bounce around to find the same, where we did have a couple shots of fish at times but very few keepers.  Towards the middle of the day seemed to be best for us where we had life all around the boat with life.  We managed to get a fair amount of keepers through all the shorts.  Some guys managed to get 7 keepers and loads of throwbacks, some guys managed to get 5, some caught 1 and 2 keepers with throwbacks.  We also managed to catch some Ling in the mix.  See you in the morning!


June 7th

Beautiful day on the water today, ocean was flat with a light breeze.  Our first few stops we mixed it up a little bit, with anchoring and drifting.  We only found just a few fish here and there in the morning.  We decided to take a ride to try another area and that is where we had our most success.  There were loads of bites with the Seabass, there were numerous shorts and keepers in the mix.  Also as a bonus we did manage to catch some nice Ling.  Plenty of action all afternoon.   Some guys came close to their limits and some had a few.  It was a nice day overall !!!  See you in the morning.


June 6th

We had yet another spectacular day on the water today. Beautiful weather and great fishing to go along with it. Most everyone on the boat had there limits with just a couple guys just short of it. Gary took the pool today with a beauty of a Sea Bass. Congratulations! We sail everyday from 7 30 AM to 3 30 PM. We will continue to fish for Sea Bass at least through June 15th. Boats lit up by 530AM everyday. Hope to see you soon!


June 5th

The sun was shinning brigh,t the skies were clear, the ocean was calm and we had a light breeze, a beautiful morning it was!!!  Our first several stops in the morning we were able to drift at .3kts which was perfect.  The fist bit right from square one.  As the wind picked up lightly we decided to anchor on our readings and made it very successful.  Guys with limits, loads of throwbacks, great day was had by all!!!  Weather looks good for the rest of the week so come on down and get in on some of this action.  See you in the morning.


June 2nd

We had another summer-like day on the water and right from our first stop in the morning we had a very successful Seabass bite!!!  We changed it up throughout the day both anchoring and drifiting both seems to do well.  It seemed that today was another good bite with the 3" green gulp.  The fish bit all day for us and we ended up with a decent catch.  Many guys on the boat had their limits.  Everyone went home with Seabass for dinner tonight!!!  We will not be sailing Sunday, June 3 due to 30 kt NE winds.



June 1st

The ocean was flat calm, what a beautiful morning it was.  We did have a little drizzle in the AM then the sun started to shine, boy was the weather man wrong today.  The Seabass were active all day long.  They bit on fresh clams, AVA-17s, AVA-27s.  Also green gulp was very succussful today.  The bigger fish did chew today.  It was a very successful day.  Limits to be had by most of our customers.  Tomorrow looks good, see you in the morning.   


May 31st

​Hey guys just wanted you to know that we had a small crowd on the boat today and right from our first drop this morning the Seabass bit.  We bounced around a little, some spots were better than others.  At the end of the day we ended up having a good day fishing.  See you in the morning.


​May 30th

​This morning the ocean was flat calm.  Our first stop of the day we found an area that had fish, we decided to anchor up on it only to find a few on our first stop.  Since the conditions were right we decided to do a drift on our second stop and it paid off.  Fish were coming all around the boat, decent fishing with loads of Seabass coming over the rails.  The problem was numerous shorts in the mix.  Once the drift picked up, we decided to anchor on them again and that was successful.  We had a good bite for an hour and a half, weeding through the shorts to get some keepers.  Some guys managed to get their limit, some had less but everyone had a great time!!!  See you in the morning.