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Saturday, November 9th

This morning it was nice to see some of the guys from Thursday's trip because today it was simply calm.  The morning bite with the Sea Bass was very successful with keepers coming over the rail and the sprinkling of Porgies.  There was some activity from the Doggies were we saw a Doggie and keeper Sea Bass being reeled up at the same time.  Some of our customers did extremely well, while other had only a few, but there were bites all day long and kept everybody busy.  See you in the morning, Captain Ron



Wednesday, November 6th

It was nice to have a break in the weather and it was even better we had all our great regulars on the boat.  The Begalles were overwhelming today!!!  We did have a lot of Sea Bass that were in the 12.5 range.  We did manage to scrape up a few keepers here and there and only a few Porgies.  We can't forget the Doggies, our true friends LOL. See you in the morning!  Captain Ron


It was a nice day on the water with a light breeze.  Our first stop saw action with a combination of Sea Bass and Porgies.  That seems to be the pattern throughout the day with some of our guys doing very well and some others getting a few.  The next 2 day looks like decent weather with a light breeze.  See you in the morning!  Captain Ron




Sunday, November 3rd

Today we had a stiff breeze out of the NW at 25mph and on top of that we had a SE current into the wind.  People had to stay at the rails to put a catch together.  Some people had difficulty making the adjustment for the strong current, but once they dialed in they started to pick away at the Sea Bass.  We picked and plucked all day and we ended up ok.  Tomorrow's weather looks nice, see you in the morning.  Captain Ron


Saturday, November 2nd

It was nice to see all our regulars today on this beautiful Fall weather day.  We even had a boy scout group from North Jersey - great group of kids.  Some spots in the morning was drop and reel with Sea Bass coming over the rails.  We were lucky enough to catch some keepers right from our first stop.  Along with our keepers of course, were loads Begall bites.  We did manage to catch a shot of Porgies as well.  We did bounce around throughout the day to find the same  In the middle of the day we made a move to change things up and the anchor lines got tight we had a shot of Jumbo Porgies and then the Doggies took over.  Then we tried shallow water wrecks and we were back into the Sea Bass throughout the day.  A sprinkle of keepers and loads and loads of short Sea Bass.  Tomorrow looks good, see you in the morning!  Captain Ron



Saturday, 10/26

It was slower than it was yesterday, but it did pick up with the Porgies!  Great day with great folks!! Captain Ron



Thursday, 10/24

It ws great to see all our regulars for a Sea Bass trip!  Happy Birthday Frank Geraci!!!  His brother Joe Geraci took the pool and had a couple of nice keepers in the box.  The good news was that the Sea Bass bit most of the day with shots of keepers all day long coming over the rails.  In the mix were some scattered Porgies.  Some guys had 8 or 9 keepers and of course some had less.  It was nice to see loads of fish throughout the day, some were just a 1/4 short.  Weather looks great for tomorrow and Saturday.  Come on down for the action!!  See you in the morning!  Captain Ron



Sunday, 10/20

Today we had all our regulars on the boat and they decided that they wanted to change it up and sharpen their Black Fish skills.  So we decided to hit a couple of Black Fish spots and there they were all the Tog you wanted.  In the mix we did catch Trigger Fish along with Sea Bass.  Fun times by all.  Wednesday looks like a beautiful day so come on down!!! 


Saturday, 10/19

Hello Everyone - just wanted to give everybody the latest update.  We did lose the last few days due to the high wind, but today the wind simmered down and the ocean was flat calm.  The good news is we did have a lot better cooperation with the Sea Bass and Porgies in the mix.  High hook today was 8 Keepers and about 30 or more throwbacks and some Porgies in the mix.  We did do a lot of bouncing around to find similar life.  Today it seemed that all the Keepers were caught on clams.  It seems that the jigs didn't produce like the clams did today.  Tomorrow looks like a nice day, see you in the morning!! Captain Ron


Another beautiful Summer-like day.  The fishing was tough, we had loads of begall bites and loads of short Sea Bass.  We did get a sprinkling of Porgies throughout the day, but nothing to write home about.  Hoping after this next storm, it will stir things up and change things for the better.  We will not be sailing Thursday and we will keep you posted about Friday.  The weekend looks beautiful - so come on down!!!


It was a summer like day today - we had all great fishermen and we were ready for a great day.  Our first drop of the morning seemed to have the most life that lasted for about 1.5 hours catching some keepers in the mix.  Then shortly after that the fishing dropped off.  At one point of the day with no wind or current to fish for some Sea Bass only to find the same with just a few fish here and there.  It was nice to see all our great customers, hope to see everyone soon!!!  Captain Ron


Sunday, 10/13

The ocean was nice and some people did manage to get their limit.  Some folks managed to get 6-8 keepers, and some had less.  Everybody caught fish with lots of shorts, it seems that the ratio was 10 to1.  In the mix we did catch some blue fish and only a few porgies.  We are fishing out to the East anywhere from 90 to 110 ft of water.  Weather looks nice for tomorrow, see you in the morning!   Captain Ron


Hey Guys, this is a report for both Tuesday, 10/1 and Wednesday, 10/2.  The weather has remained beautiful and the fishing has remained decent.  On Tuesday, Val from Staten Island fished all day to sharpen his skills with Black Fishing, had a hot stick with a great blackfish bite all day long.  He kept the larges which was around 6.5lbs and the rest went back until November 16th.  A great group from Trinity Seafood joined us for the day.  Had a great day with the Porgies and some keeper Black Fish in the mix. 

On Wednesday, the Porgies started right from the morning and bit right through the afternoon.  Al took the pool with a 5+ black fish and had about 32 Jumbo Porgies for dinner.  Other people had the same.


Monday, September 30th

Well today the weatherman was right, we had a NE wind 20+ knots!  We had the Porgie readings as we had yesterday, but the cooperation was minimal.  Some guys put in a long day at the rail, some managed to get a dozen to 15, some had less.  We had a lot of very good Black Fisherman in the crowd and they stuck with Black Fish all day managing to get keepers and many throwbacks.  See you in the morning, the weather looks decent for the next couple of days.  Captain Ron


Sunday, September 29th

Boy did the weatherman make a wrong forecast for us today.  Today was like a Summer day for being at the end of September.  We decided to take an 1.5 hour steam to the fishing grounds and boy-o-boy what a difference a day makes.  We had great porgie readings and they did cooperate today.  They bit from early morning throughout the day.  There were many limits on the boat to be had by all with Black Fish in the mix.  Lucky Larry was our pool winner with Black Fish and his limit on Porgies.  Mallory, his daughter was right by his side and managed to get 25+ Porgies, and then some.  Great job Mallory!!!  Kevin Goodwin had the hotstick for Black Fishing, but he couldn't keep the Porgies off his crabs.  Very good day overall!!  See you in the morning - Captain Ron


Saturday, September 28th

The morning started out to be very nice, we had all our great regulars on the boat!  The porgies did not cooperate with us for anything!  We did move around for a few spots and we did have nice porgie readings but they did not chew for us.  We did manage to get a couple of nice keeper Black Fish!  Let's see if they chew for us tomorrow! See you in the morning


Friday, September 27th

We started out a little slow this morning, but ended up getting some nice Black Fish keepers.  In the afternoon the Porgie fishing picked up and it made for a very good day.  There were Sea Base in the mix but we needed to throw them back.  See you in the morning!


Thursday, September 26

Hi guys just wanted to give you an update for the last few days.  Porgie fishing continues to be decent, some guys getting their limits and some guys getting in the mid 20s.  The Porgies are all quality size, so come on down and fill your freezer up with some fish!!!  In the mix we are getting some keeper Black Fish.  We do carry crabs and fresh clams every day.  We are sailing everyday - see you in the morning!



Saturday, September 21st

Our final day of the Fluke Season and what a beautiful day it is!!!

We want to thank all our customers who came out and enjoyed the season with us!  We had beautiful weather, lots of laughs, and good times throughout the season!!!  Hope to see you all soon again!

Captain Ron


Here is a summary for the last few days.  We are fixhing in 75ft of water, sometimes we do need to fish a little bit deeper.  We do manage to pick a couple of Fluke whereever we go.  The nice thing about fishing in deeper water, most likely it will be a keeper.  Remember for lead weights we are using 8oz sinkers.  The speering and squid seem to be working decent.  We only have one week left of Fluke fishing, so come on down we would love to see you!!! Captain Ron


Just to catch up on the past couple of days.  As you know we had that bad storm that passed us,so we did lose a couple of days due to the wind.  Once the storm passed we started to get out again, the ocean has been flat calm with still a slight heave.  The fishing was slow on Monday, but we did manage to get a couple of nice keepers.  On Tuesay, it was nice to see a lot of our regulars!!!  There was a slight improvement in the bites today, but it was mostly shorts.  It was good to seem some life on both buctails and bait.  Hoping tomorrow there will be a big improvement on the keepers, hope to see you there!!!


Hey Guys,

Just wanted to touch base with you and give you a summary for the last couple of days of our Fluke Fishing.  It has been very good everyday, guys have been catching their limits and the average pool fish is between 6.5 and 8.5lbs.  Lots of life on mostly all our stops, come on down while the action is good!!!  Hope to see you soon!  Captain Ron



What a great day, we caught some nice fluke and seabass!! It was great seeing everyone today 😊

Brian was our pool winner today! 🏆

We will be doing it again tomorrow 7:30-2:30!!!!



Good fishin' again today on the Captain Cal . Frog took the pool with a nice 5 + Fluke. We had keeper Fluke and Sea Bass all around the boat. Everyone had dinner tonight! We do this everyday from 730AM - 230PM. COME GET SOME! Please wait for the crew to arrive before boarding. They're there by 515 AM EVERYDAY. THANKS


Great day fluking again today . It was Joe Geraci's day today until his brother Frank took the pool from him. Joe was unstoppable. Frank's son Vince and grandson Matt were in on the catch too.
We're doing it again tomorrow
730AM - 230PM. Please wait for the crew to arrive before boarding. Thanks. Hope to see you in the morning.


Good fishing again today. Fluke and Sea Bass flying over the rails all day. Wayne took today's pool. Doing it again tomorrow morning
730AM - 230PM


Good fishing continues on the Captain Cal. Jimmy the watchman, Rick, Rachael and Lisa just to mention a few all had great days .
We do this everyday from 730AM - 230PM. Crew is there by 515AM. Please wait for them before boarding. Thank you


Excellent fishing today! Lot's of keeper Fluke and Sea Bass all around!Brian Lance from Philly took the pool today with a beautiful fluke. We sail everyday from 730AM - 230PM


Another beautiful day on the water!!! We had a lot of fun and smiles all around the boat with great music in the background plus some really nice fish were caught!  Frank (like a hot dog) was our pool winner!!  Doing it again tomorrow. We hope to see you in the morning


Lot's of nice fish again today! Sorry you missed it.
Sailing everyday
730AM -230PM


730AM - 230PM


Nice day on the water today..Bites started from the first drift, shorts and keepers along with some nice seabass. We picked all day long.Wayne from Somerset took the pool with a 8lb fluke.. Moved around alittle found about the same life where ever we went...come on down and get some..see you in the morning....

Please do not get on the boat before our crew members arrive !!!




It was a grand slam day with a loaded boat Captian Greg put us on thw meat!! Limits caught all around! Great people, fantastic music, beautiful weather. What more can you ask for?!

Jake, from Point Pleasant took the pool today!!!

Doing it again tomorrow, see you in the morning!


We had a slow drift in the morning with only a few shorts.  As the drift picked-up so did the Keepers.  In the mix we had nice size Sea Bass.  The guys that worked hard had their limits.  Kurt Williams from Ocean City had nice quality fish along with several others.  Nice Day, Great People!!!  See you in the morning.


Good flukin 'today on the Cal. Lots of keeper Fluke, Sea Bass, and some ling to top it off. Wayne took the pool today with a nice Fluke. Congratulations pal. Everyone had a great day with great people and good music. The weekend looks like a winner so come down and enjoy a great day with your friends and family on the Captain Cal.


We had a first time fisherman on the boat today, Matt Geraci!!! He caught his first keeper fluke on the first drift than won the pool betting his dad, grandfather, and great uncle!!!

It was a great day on the water with awesome people.

We do this everyday 7:30-2:30! See you at the dock in the morning


Boy was the weatherman wrong ,the ocaen was calm most of the day...the early morning was full of bites both on gulp and bait.  We had to weed throught lots of shorts to get some keepers. Joe took the pool today with a nice one. We had a great group of guys today most worked hard to bring some keepers home.see ya in the am...... Captain Ron


On the first stop of the morning seemed that the fish were active.  We did pick a couple of nice keepers up to 3lbs. and shorts in the mix.  The next couple of drifts it seemed that the shorts were the active participants.  In the middle of the day it did slow downn which made us do a little rock hoping  We did pull some nicer fish up to 4lbs out of the stones.  Ed Zakrzewski from Cream Ridge won the pool with an 8.14oz.  Guys who fished have were able to get their limit while others had 1 or 2  See you in the morning.  Captain Ron


Today was totally opposite from yesterday.  We had a northeast wind and a northeast ground swell that hurt us in the morning.  Our drift was 1.8kts in the morning.  We did manage to get some bites with shorts but no keepers.  As the day went on, the wind backed off and our drift slowed down.  Once we got to under 1kt drifting we started to pick away at the keepers.  Our average 1-3 keepers per drift.  In the mix we did manage to get some nice Jumbo Sea Bass.  Everyone hung in there in the morning and fished hard.  See you in the morning!


A beautiful Summer morning with a very light breeze.  The oceans were calm and our drift was very slow.  We had to do some power drifting in the morning for the first 2 hours to get a couple of bites.  As the day proceeded and the current picked up so did the fluking.  Afternoon was best for us with catching some nice quality keepers.  Some guys had their limits, some had 2 with throwbacks and some had 1 with throwbacks.  Overall, we ended up decent considering a slow start.  See you in the morning!


Another fantastic day on the Captain Cal!! Lot's of people had their limit again today!

Mike was our pool winner with a beast sized fluke!!

If you don't come down you cant catch one of your own, we sail EVERYDAY 7:30-2:30



Phemoninal day!! Lots of fish and tons of fun, people were great, music was fantastic!  Christoffel was our pool winner!!!


Another absolutely beautiful day on the water! We caught a bunch of fish, had a lot of first timers on the boat... Not to mention the music was on point! 😜

Jason, one of our first timers was our pooler winner with a very impressive catch weighing in at 9lb!!

As you all know we sail EVERYDAY 7:30-2:30 we will see you in the morning to do it again!!


July 21st

It was definitely hot today but it was another amazing day on the Capt. Cal!! Lots of fish caught!  Jim was our pool winner


Nice and cool on the water today (compared to being on land). The fishing was on the slow side. I think the fluke went to the water park to stay cool our something. We did manage to get some nice keepers in the boat. Jimmy was our pool winner today! We're doing it again tomorrow. Not going to be cool but cooler than being on land. 730AM -230PM. See you in the morning!


It was hot today but we caught some nice fluke today!! 🎣

Brian from Philadelphia was our pool winner


Tons of shorts action, pretty slow on the keepers today but we caught a few.


July 14th

It was a banner day!!! Lots of people with their limit and so much action that Amber and Rob were on their toes all day!!

We had an amazing group of people on board today with great music, tons of laughter and joke cracking that if you weren't here you definitely missed out!!!

Roy was our pool winner, his fish even made Rob smile!


July 13th

Hey guys. Things are picking up a little. We caught a decent amount of keeper fluke, Sea Bass and ling. Heidi was our pool winner today with a 5.9lber.. That a boy lady! All in all a pretty good day of fishing. We're doing it again tomorrow 730AM - 230PM


July 12th

Mother nature is on our side this summer. The beautiful weather continues. Pretty good fishing today. Not a lot of keeper size fish but quality fish and short action to keep everyone interested. Kirk was our pool winner today. Doing it again tomorrow morning. 730-230. COME GET SOME!


July 11th

Great group of guy today. Caught lots of fish. Doing it again tomorrow morning
730AM - 230PM


Beautiful day on the water today. Great people, good music, and lots of action. Not a lot of keeper size fish though. Nick was our pool winner today with a nice 5 lb fluke. Tomorrow is another day. We sail everyday from 730AM - 230PM. We look forward to seeing you in the morning.



It was another hot day but a great day. Awesome people, fantastic music, and good fishing. We had plenty of fish around boat and few with two. Mark took the pool!!

We fish EVERYDAY 7:30-2:30


It was hot but a great day. Awesome people, fantastic music, and good fishing. We had a couple people with their limit and few with two.Kevin Goodwin from Philadelphia, PA took the pool today topping off his limit with some cash!


Beautiful weather, great people and Fluke! Tom took the pool today with a lunker . Lots of fun as usual on the Captain Cal.
730AM -230 PM everyday. See you in the morning!


Gorgeous weather, fabulous people, great music!!!!

It was a steady pick today with some great fish coming into the boat.

Elli was our pool winner today and he was very happy with his trophy 🏆

We will be sailing again tomorrow 7:30-2:30, see you in the morning!!!


Tons of action but better weather and it was clearly ladies day!!!! The people were absolutely awesome and everyone had a blast!!!!!

Lisa Brown was our pool winner, 6lbs and almost as long as she is tall 😘

The weather is going to be great tomorrow, this is been a great way welcome to summer!


What a beautiful day filled with great people, awesome music, tons of fun and the fish were seriously biting!!!! Lots of action all around the boat. 🐟🎣

The uocoming weather looks amazing so come down and see us in the morning!!!


Yet another beautiful day. Lots of fish, great people and good music! Meagan took the pool today! Nice job carrying your dad❤️ See you in the morning. Let's do it again! 730-230


The ocean was flat as a pancake if you didnt show up this morning you should have been here and you missed out!!

Fantastic fishing!!!! Tons of action all around the boat lots of keepers!! We had amazing people come down today and the music was cranking!!

Just a reminder folks we sail EVERYDAY 7:30-2:30!


Nice group today for Father's day fluking. Good times had by all.
Doing it again tomorrow
730AM - 230PM


What a busy day a lot of people came down to join us today, we didn't have much time to take pictures!! 🎣🏃 😃 📷

Fishing was pretty good, the sunshine felt great after a foggy morning, and the ocean was a little bumpy this afternoon

Cristoffel was our pool winner! 🏆


It was a pretty good day fishing, the sun was shining and the people were great, everyone left happy with fish for dinner!!

We sail EVERYDAY 7:30-3:30

See you in the morning, bring coffee!!!


And its a wrap for today!!

Boat is limited out and these four gentlemen seemed very happy with their catch!!

We sail EVERYDAY 7:30-3:30

Catch you guys in the morning!


GREAT NEWS to report today!!! The fish chewed their faces off! Everyone who woke up and came down to see us had a wonderful day!! Not to mention the weather was stupendous not a cloud in the sky! 🌞

Lots of new friends made, laughs were shared, and Capt Ron joined in on all of the fun! 🎉 🎉

A lot of really big fish were caught today and everyone left the boat happy but as Capt blew the 3 horns to go home Jeff landed a MONSTER seabass. Taking the pool!!

We will be sailing again tomorrow, we will catch you guys in the morning!




It got a little breezy today but the fish were still biting!! Again a few people had their limits. We had a lot of fun and tons of smiles on this sunny Sunday!! Our newest deckhand Amber was showing off her guns and how she drops an anchor. Come and get in on the fishing fun!

We sail EVERYDAY from 7:30-3:30, so call out of work sick and come get n get some!!!


Boy what a great day on the water!!  A few stops were lock and load fishing, a couple people caught their limit.  Niko was our pool winner, it was his first time on a party boat!!  Weather was great and the people were even better!!  See you in the morning!


Gorgeous day, fishing was a little slow but a few people had their limit but had plenty of laughs! This weekend is looking to be awesome and full of sunshine!! We hope to see you in the morning!


Another beautiful day on the water, the conditions were perfect and the fish cooperated just like they did yesterday.  Lots of bites, lots of life, guys on the boat had their limits it was another fishing day overall!!!  Come on down and get into the action!  See you in the morning!


Hey Guys, just to give you an update on today's trip.  Our first drop was very productive with shorts and we did manage to get some nice Keepers in the mix, some guys had over 12 Blackfish with 1 or 2 Keepers out of the 12.  There was a bunch of fish just a 1/4" shy of being Keepers.  We bounced around and managed to get a couple Ling along with some Blackfish in the mix.  Just a reminder, last day of Blackfishing is April 30th.  Sunday, Monday and Tuesday looks like nice weather, so come on down and get your last shot at them!!!  We are cancelling Saturday, April 27th due to 40 knot winds, however Sunday looks good.


Hey guys! Beautiful day today. If you weren't there I'm sorry. Quit your job! The water temp was up today and so the chew begins. Nice action all around today. Smiles and fish for dinner! We sail everyday from 730AM - 330PM. The weather looks good. Come get some


Hey guys. We had a picture perfect day today. Almost to nice. We made a few drops and had action on all of them. Managed to put some rice keeper Blackfish in the boat along with a couple nice cod fish and some ling. Beautiful day with good peeps as usual . We sail everyday from 730AM - 330PM. See you in the morning


Hey guys, went with a light crowd today. Fishing wasnt all too great but we had life for the better part of the day. Tyler won the pool with a JUMBO weighing in at 10.14lbs which he released to fight another day after the photo!!! Sailing everyday from 730am-330pm.


~December 27th

We had a great day today with a boat-load of regular customers, it almost felt like summertiime!!!  Our first stop today was productive.  We did have life all around the boat for a few hours.  Some guys were lucky to catch 3-4 keepers, some guys caught 2-3.  In the mix were 14 and 14 1/2 fish all around the boat. The bite died down in the afternoon, we decided to go out to the East where we did manage to catch some more quality keepers with little shorts.  It was a nice day overall with great customers.  No sailing on Friday due to high winds.  We will keep you posted for Saturday.


Hey guys! The weather man blew it again! Game on fishing today. Beautiful ocean, great people and lots of quality keepers! Most guys had there limits with just a couple guys falling just shy. Non stop catching today on the Cal. Tomorrow is a wash out. We'll keep you posted about Monday. We sail daily from 7 30 AM to 3 30 PM for $70! Not $125! We supply green crabs and always have whiteleggers on board.


Back at the small pieces today with a light crowd. Pulled some quality fish off each piece including the 6.8 and 7.7 pounders caught to top off this limit! Back at it again in the morning. Sailing everyday from 7:30am-3:30-4pm, COME GET SOME!


Our first drop of the morning we had a very scratchy bite with a few shorts, but nothing really great.  Our 2nd drop we tried a little deeper, we did have life but we really couldn't get them going.  At the next stop we managed to get a 9.4 blackfish and a few keepers.  Again, we couldn't get a consistent bite so we decided to move.  Our last drop of the day was best, where we managed to pull some quality keepers and shorts in the mix.  Everyone seemed to go hom with keepers, high hook was about 4 and then there were some with 3 and so on.  See you in the morning.


It was nice to see the Staten Island Fishing Club coming out with us today and some of our great regulars as always.  Too bad the conditions today were not just a little bit better.  We did manage to scrape up a few keepers on every spot with shorts in the mix, but i believe the large ground swell from the Southeast and the North tide did hurt the bite.I noticed throughout the day that some guys were using a jig had about 11 blackfish but only 1 or 2 being keepers.  Tomorrow the wind is going to switch to the West which we will be looking for a better bit.  See you in the morning, Captain Ron


Calm seas we had again today and the good news is that the fish were much more livlier than yesterday.  We did do alot of moving and shifting and it seemed that most of the stops were about the same with bites.  We did catch a load of shorts in the 14.5" range and every once in a while we would get a keeper scattered around the boat.  We did get our first big shipment of white leggers that we will start to use tomorrow.  Terry from Red Bank took the pool today with about a 6lb fish.  We will see you in the morning, Captain Ron


Today was a little chilly!!! The first stop we managed to get a few keepers and some shorts.  What we noticed today was that the jig worked best for bites.  For some reason it seems they were not too interested in crabs.  Then we decided to take a little bit of a ride and we noticed the same as we had in the morning.  Even in the afternoon the Blackfish were more active in the bites with the orange and green jigs.  However, people did get bites with the crabs in the afternoon.  Some guys had blackfish that were close to being keepers, but many throwbacks.  It seemed today the activity was mostly shorts.  See ya in the morning!!!


Lots of fish, lots of bites.  Nice day overall and everyone went home with fish.  Come on down, tomorrow looks like a summer day!  See you in the morning.


Today there was some great fishing, with lots of Seabass and lots of Porgies.  Everyone went hom with fish!  The weather is looking good for tomorrow so come on down !!!  See you in the morning!


Porgie fishing was very good.  In the mix we had some nice Blackfish as well.  Looking forward to a very nice weekend and Seabass opens on Monday, 10/8.  Come on down and get some!!!  See you in the morniing!


Non stop action today with the Porgie's! Come get some! We sail all day every day from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM. We have squid clams and crabs available. The guys have the boat lit up and ready to board by 5- 5:15 AM. See you in the morning.


Hey guys. It's jumbo Fluke time! Frank Geraci landed a pair of Fluke today hitting the scale at 7lbs. 7ozs. and 7lbs. 10 Ozs. Way to go Frank! We caught a few more big boys and a bunch of shorts to make for an action filled day. Tomorrow is going to be a wash. NO SAIL! Will be back at it on Wednesday. We sail everyday from 7 30 AM to 2 30 PM. See you all on Wednesday morning! Come get some it's almost over.


Hey guys, another beautiful day on the water. Fishing wasn't quite what we like it to be, but tomorrows weather looks good we're going to pick a different direction so come down and give it a shot


Well it was nice to get back to fishing after a LONG week of crappy weather. There was still a little bit of a ground swell out there but it wasn't too bad. We managed to catch some nice keeper Fluke, a bunch of Sea Bass( that we can't keep), some blues and Bonita. Lots of action all day long, beautiful weather and great people. Jim took the pool today with a nice 5.9lb. Fluke. Great job Jim. Sonny needs to get his priorities straight. LOL. We sail everyday from 7 30 AM to 2 30 PM. The guys always have the boat lit up and ready to board by 5-515AM. Hope to see you in the morning! The weather looks great!


The morning started just right, the fluke chewed right from the getko.  We had keepers coming over the rail on our first drift.  There were plenty of bites pretty well most of the day where the fluke cooperated biting both bait and buctails.  We had guys on the boat with their limits by 9AM.  The pool winner was Tom with a 7.5 lb.  Everyone caught fish and everyone went home with keepers.  Was a very good day overall.  See you in the morning.


Big improvement in the fishing in the morning.  Today we were lucky to have a drift about .5 knots most of the day.  Some of our fisherman were lucky to get their limit at the end of the day.  Some had to work extra hard to get a few keepers.  We did have plenty of bites throughout the day and just missing some keepers by a few tenths of an inch.  Lucky enough people dragging baits were lucky to catch a few too.  The pool fish was in the 6lb range.  See you in the morning.


Another beautiful day on the water today. Good music, great people and decent fishing. It was still a little cranky on the ocean this morning but it settled down as the day went on. Vince Geraci( ha I got it that time) was our pool winner today with a nice 4lb. 9oz. Fluke. Milly, Katie, and Zach had a bunch of Sea Bass too. Tomorrow is looking like a winner so get down here! We sail everyday from 7 30 AM to 2 30 PM. The guys have the boat lit up and ready to board by 5-5 30AM everyday! See you in the morning!


Hey guys! Fluke fishing has been on fire the last couple days! Come down south and get some of this. Yesterday 90 year old Cameron Bruno showed the youngsters how it's done with a 6lb. 9oz. Fluke to take the pool from Billy who had a 6lb. 4oz. Fluke. Lots of limits and some Sea Bass also. Today Max took home the pool with a 5lb. 6oz. Fluke. As always.. good music, beautiful weather, and great people to make for a wonderful day on the water. We sail everyday from 7 30 AM to 2 30 PM and the guys always have the boat lit up,tied back,and ready to board by 5 - 5:15 AM. See you in the morning